“International Literacy Day 08-09-2019”


International literacy day are in occasion to educate the public on issue of concern to reduce the problems and to celebrate and rein force achievements of humanity.

हर घर में यह दीप जलाओ, अपने बच्चे सभी पढ़ाओ

International literacy day celebrated in BIMT on 08-09-2019. It is an opportunity for educated person, teachers and students to highlight improvements in world literacy rates and refleet on the world remaining litercy challenges.

हम सबका यही है नारा, शिक्षित हो समाज हमारा

The issue of literacy is a key componenet of the Sustainable Development Goals.

जन-जन की है यही पुकार, शिक्षा है सबका अधिकार

To celebrate literacy day student of BIMT togeatherd in large group with a particular opinion. They organised a rally for the welfare of those publics who are illitrates. All students held a rally with beautiful slogan they went in the interiors areas of Budaun Hadipur, Narau for their welfare and give them a knowledge of  education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon.”