Celebration of International Peace Day 21-09-2019″

Date:- 21-09-2019

“Peace is not something you wish for its something you make, something you do, something you are and something your give a way”

Today BIMT celebrated as a WORLD PEACE DAY. each year the International day of peace is observed around the world on 21-September-2019 on this way Institute also organized poster making and model making competition and gave the message of the Peace. To make this event so special BIMT also Invited to Mr. Anurag Upadhyay who is a professor of IFTM from Moradabad to give the information and knowledge about Internet. Students decorated the campus with flag banners there are an atmosphere of happiness & Peace around the campus.

Our Director Mr. Akshaj Rastogi, Mr. Ashish Singhal & Mr. Vikas Ahuja inaugurated the program with a  banner of peace message. He appreciated the children and gave them certificates and medal. At the time of program there was whole Staff along with Mr. Omshankar Sharma & Mr. S. N. Srivastava. Whole Program conducted by Mrs. Fauzia Sultana and helping hand Mrs. Neetu Singh & Ms. Abha Singh.