Animal Welfare Day Celebrated in BIMT CAMPUS


Animal Welfare Day 04-10-2019″


It is during our darkest movement that we must focus to see the light


Today BIMT celebrated as a ANIMAL WELFARE DAY. The world animal day has impacted society by increasing awareness. The member of the society now acknowledge the importance of animal. To celebrate this day it is our duty to pass on the valuable information to the unknown and unaware members.

The ecologist found over the years that half of the world’s animals have been declining and more than 33% of the animals have been endangered. Actually the general people were not aware the condition animal day to highlight the problems of animals.

Each day holds a surprise if we expect it can be see, hear or feel. each moment open a new place. Today we welcomed our honorable Chief Guest Mr. Rajesh Singh (D.F.O.) Budaun and Mr. Divakar Shrivastava (S.D.O.) Budaun. Our Directors & Chief guest also planted plants in college ground with their auspicious hands. It would we just like “add feather in a cap”.

D.F.O. Mr. Rajesh Singh appreciated our students and give them trophy and Certificates in college campus this day celebrated also as a plantation day. There was a happy atmosphere in college campus.

Mr. Ramprakash Ahuja, Mr. Akshaj Rastogi, Mr. Ashish Singhal & Mr. Vikas Ahuja appreciated the Students and motivate them. At the time of program there was whole Staff along with Mr. Om shankar Sharma & Mr. S. N. Srivastava were also present. Whole Program conducted by Mrs. Fauzia Sultana and helping hand Mr. Saurabh Saxena, Mrs. Neetu Singh & Ms. Abha Singh.