International Day of Girl Child Celebrated

Women Like man should try to do impossible  and when they failure should be a challenge to other.

Today BIMT celebrated as a INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GIRL CHILD. On 11th October the day celebrated as Girl Force unscripted and unstoppable. Women have lead global movement on issues ranging from sexual and reproductive health rights to equal pay. Today most of the girl are attending school and completing their studies now they are focusing on career. Since 2012 I.D. of G.Ch. is being celebrated every year. Its main objective is to empower women and help them to get their rights. so that they can face the challenges all over the world and meet their needs. At the same time spreading awareness about eliminating gender abnormalities against girl around the world.

Mr. Akshaj Rastogi, Mr. Ashish Singhal & Mr. Vikas Ahuja appreciated girls students and gave them the message of protection. At the time of program there was whole Staff along with Mr. Om shankar Sharma & Mr. S. N. Srivastava were also present. Whole Program conducted by Mrs. Fauzia Sultana and helping hand Mr. Saurabh Saxena, Mrs. Neetu Singh & Ms. Abha Singh, Mrs. Pawan Dixit. There are atmosphere of happiness & peace.